Things I Love Thursday

 I love when my animal buddies force their way into a  cuddle when I’m on the computer.  
I also love…
Going home for the holidays…a Gentleman’s Rant. LOVE THESE GUYS.  Especially the redhead guy, he’s hilarious.Their Hipsters video is awesome too.
That Iceland Air offers a stopover in Iceland for up to seven days with no additional airfare if you are going to one of their European destinations. A FREE TRIP TO ICELAND is all I hear there. Amazing!
These tents from Field Candy. Yes, they are real actual tents. Awesome. 
Found via Checks and Spots.
I also love…
That I got one more ‘under 200 followers’ blog awards…I’m almost there! Thank you Suzy

This interesting picture of  all the eggs that were inside a hen that was sadly mortally wounded and had to be put down. I guess I never really thought about what eggs look like before they’re eggs. Click through for the full story, there’s one dead chicken picture but it’s not as gross as it sounds.
The surprisingly romantic story that goes along with my visible man signed by Chuck Palahniuk. (Yes, Chuck did draw on the mustache and the arrow pointing to the ‘junk’.)
There’s something about the little Santa hats in this party mix that just gets me.
Learn more about your digital camera: click here for a Shutter Speed tutorial, here for one on ISO, here for one on Aperture Settings and here for one to learn about the ‘exposure triangle’. All very useful stuff. I should have read it all the other day before going to watch the annual truck parade and taking a bunch of grainy useless photos.
Leave today in the past...I have to tell myself this more often.  
This Kijiji ad for a snowblower. Even I want to buy it now and it hardly ever snows here! 
Project repat is a neat idea. 
Gala Darling’s Pink Christmas. Big time giveaways up in there. 

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