Things I Love Thursday

I love when seasons change and there are pretty new colors everywhere! I also love…

What’s the difference?

The Hunger Games trailer!! Can’t wait!

Why does Andrea shoot film?

Sushi etiquette.

“Tagged” – teens and social media.

The hidden world of girls

Color photos of Egypt in the 1920s.

Kosovo in Polaroids, part three. I especially like the shirts photo. 

The confetti egg game. 

Snitches get stitches – on the reasons for Christmas gift giving

Eleven facts about Chloe.

Three reasons why your hard work isn’t paying off and how you can change it.  

Revisiting old posts of mine about cool stuff I’ve done … like the time we found a dead whale!

The Bill Murray replaceface portrait. Amazing work!

These hilarious (NSFW-ish) plates from the vandalized vintage shop: 

I would totally hang these in my home. 

I am also loving…

Canada may be the United States’ hat, but

Film photography crash course

Ben from Uganda.

More puppies! 

This signage, as captured and captioned by The Vintage Cabin

George Orwell’s rules for writing.

Via Gala Darling Jon Crispin photographing the contents of past insane asylum inhabitants’ suitcases. How interesting! 

Also found via Gala’s blog? 20 artists re-imagine their childhood drawings. 

That Jessica’s first honey harvest was so successful they’re selling a bunch of it!

106 excuses that prevent you from ever becoming great. 

Marcel the shell with shoes on. 

The female trucker you never saw coming. (found via Sarah Von)  Also from her blog? This, and this.

Every single word in Icelandic.



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