Things I Love Thursday

This week I love that we don’t have to hear a frightening clunking noise coming from our kitchen anymore, thanks to “the cave”, our new black fridge. I also love…

How to get calm in a world full of crazy. 

Being mentioned on the Tales of a Tumbleweed blog! YES!

That Juggalos in the USA are considered a real gang threat according to the FBI! (pg.21) Hahaha!

The ridiculous Christian tracts that AmySchmamey found in her kids’ Halloween bags. Seriously follow the link and read them, they are outrageous! I can’t believe they’re real! So harsh.

Phone booth ads replaced by Trustocorp.

Robin Melway’s beautiful photos, found via Zoe


On being ‘nice’.

I can’t remember but I think I posted this before, they’re worth repeating anyway…octopus kites! 

The “NONONONO” cat. 

All about porn for women.

Rainbow ants. 

This Thomas Hooper/Chris O’Donnell collaboration.

The 50 things every creative should know.

PUNJAMMIES. They’re cool looking pajama pants AND the company helps ladies get out of a life of prostitution. Check out the ‘about’ section after you drool over the pants. I would like them all.

Like washi tape? Click here! 

Paper dynamite

My step mom is growing out her leg hair for movember?? hahaha 

Bringing mortality back into culture. Ask a mortician is a very interesting idea, I hope she continues making videos because I am super curious about this stuff but am kind of afraid to look it up on my own. I like that it’s just a funny friendly girl answering real questions.  

Good lord I love linguists. People are always afraid of something “destroying their language”. Well fear not, Tweeters, because Mark Lieberman has dispelled the myth that Twitter is making words shorter. I didn’t even know that was a thing. But anyway, it’s not.

This glass beach. So pretty! 

Kosovo in polaroids

Post it war!

The dark art of pricing.

Kaylah’s most recent photos of mushrooms. 

This illustration about why grammar is so important!

Shutterbugs, the web series.

Rare photos of Ernest Hemmingway and the Cuban village he was staying in when he wrote The Old Man and the Sea. Um, yes, this is exactly what I pictured when I read it. Awesome!


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