In our kitchen…photos!

My dad and step mom bought me these cool red frames for my birthday last year, and I thought I’d share a few of the photos I filled them with.

Those first two are the best. One is Ryan … in Mexico … with a snake around his neck. He doesn’t really remember what was happening but is disturbed that his parents let this happen.

The other one is me on my 25th birthday. Like my Atomic Turquoise dreadlocks? That may have been the prettiest color I ever had on my head. And that shirt, it’s bright pink and says “PREP” across it in huge lime green lettering…what I wouldn’t freaking do for another one of those shirts. If anyone knows where I can find one, you know, um, tell me.

These next two are photos I took with my Holga. The first one is Yeti the cat, and then I drew on her blurry cat face with a sharpie. The other one is a poster one of the kids had in his room. I triple exposed that bitch using different colored flashes. It turned out pretty cool!

 The bird graffiti photo was taken on a ferry from the top of Vancouver Island on the way to Bella Coola. (Click here to see what the heck I’m talking about…it was a crazy ferry ride but that’s a story for another time.) The other one is of a couple puppets I bought in Puebla Mexico in 2007, taken with a lomography fisheye camera.

 And this last picture I took when I went to Cuba last year. It’s neat how a boring old beach scenery photo can look so interesting when it’s taken out of context.

So in conclusion…does anyone know where to find one of those PREP shirts? 
I’m serious.

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