Warning: shameless friend’s band promotion.

My friend Jay is the drummer in this band – The Manvils.

They  recently moved from Vancouver to Toronto, I guess there’s more of a music scene there. If you’re in the Toronto area and get a chance to see these guys play, (maybe this weekend!) definitely do it.

Anyway I just looked them up on YouTube to see if there’s anything new going on because yes, I stalk my friends like that all the time. If you’re in a band it’s just that much easier.

They have a new album out now called Black Tornado. It’s available on iTunes tomorrow, and in stores November 29. 

I found this live video of them from last year, and man have they ever grown as a band. Their live show is so tight! Ryan and I saw them play last year too, and maybe because it’s always awkward to meet your significant other’s old friends or maybe just because we had tickets to see the Red Elvises and had to take off right after the Manvils were done, Ryan was kinda doing the watch checking thing when they first started playing. By the end of the show both of us were like ‘whoa!’. They’re a real fun band. Okay I’ll shut up now but watch this video. I know you have seven minutes to spare or else why would you be looking at blogs? huh? HUH? That’s right. Watch it now.


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