Reading: I just did a library smash’n’grab yesterday. Basically, every once in a while when I have nothing to read at all I just grab like ten books off the library shelf that seem like they might be interesting. Here’s what I got yesterday:

Right now I am reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, just because I’m curious why it’s been popular since 1937. So far it seems a bit bossy, haha.


Last night Ryan and I went on a date to see the new Kevin Smith movie Red State. Holy moly it was intense. It’s no Mallrats, that’s for sure. Here’s the NSFW trailer if you’re interested. Basically it’s about a psychotic bunch of religious weirdos who hate homosexuals. There’s all kinds of awesome actors; I recognized people from True Blood, Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad. John Goodman was especially bad-ass in it.

Last night it was a one-time one night only type screening, and we got free t-shirts!

Yeah I don’t know where I can wear that without everybody just assuming I’m pregnant but whatever. (If you can’t read it, it says “There’s babies in the attic.”)

Ryan accidentally put mine on, it was a night just full of hilarity.


I found a Spanish podcast that is absolutely perfect for me. It’s simply called ‘spanish podcast’ by Mercedes Leon who is clearly a Spanish teacher for foreign students, and she is awesome. Each podcast begins with a little skit (that she kind of creepily performs herself…all the roles, laughing at the jokes, etc), and then she breaks it down for like half an hour. She goes through all the vocabulary, the grammar, etc. But it’s all in Spanish and uses big intellectual words, so it’s not dumbed down at all. It’s like taking a university Spanish class. You can get it for free in iTunes if you’re interested. There’s like 250 episodes there.

Eating: Ryan made a casserole for us the other day and I realized it had probably been five or six years since I’ve had one. They feel so homey and cozy to eat!

Loving: that my real good friend Jen came all the way from Alberta to hang with my crippled ass. It was so nice to see her! 🙂

Also, my real cool cousin who lives in Vancouver just started a blog of her own and it’s already rad! Not like when I started out and wrote all awkwardly about the cleanse I was doing and then quoting Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. Trust me, it was painful to read.

Thankful for: Winning so many darn blog giveaways lately! I keep getting good mail, it’s so exciting! This week I got a real cool stripy toque (Canadian word, look it up) and a freshwater pearl bracelet from a wedding accessory store! As Jen (pictured above) said, it looks rather incongruous on me. But whatever. In the picture the hat is folded up a little at the bottom, it doesn’t really look that weird.

Looking forward to: my 29th birthday (I wonder if I’ll be looking forward to it next year), reading a lot of good books, getting my chest tattoo finished soon (hopefully) as well as a couple others I’ve been planning for some time now, being able to walk to the regular bus stop again and maybe even taking this guy for a w-a-l-k. I miss it so much!

From the look on his face, so does he!


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