Ten things I love about you…

1. You’re a demon in the sack, hahahahahaha sorry everybody, that’s none of your business.

2. You are the most caring person I know, and would do anything for the people you love. I know a lot of people say that about a lot of other people, but I honestly mean ANYTHING: Get zero sleep after a graveyard shift to do something with his kids, spend hours cooking a special dinner for somebody…you take a lot of time out of your day for others, and you never complain about it.

3. You’re super cute, especially when you’re tired and your one leg of your pajama bottoms gets all rolled up somehow. And you get handsomer each day.

4. You give really good, level-headed advice and always seem to know what the right thing to do is. I always feel like I can just rattle off my emotional crazy feelings and you’ll help me work it out.

5. You’ve always been supportive to me, even when I’m being a weiner or making weird decisions. You stand behind your woman, haha! But really, this means so much to me.

6. Your stupid jokes that make no sense…well, they’re growing on me. You have a weird sense of humor but you keep life interesting! You’re full of surprises.

7. You throw yourself into things full-force. Everybody on the internet, I warn you now, if you meet a “Darth Skater” in any hockey pool you WILL lose.

8. You are not afraid to try anything and you never seem to get embarrassed. I think you’re super brave and I admire that.

9. You’ve been so awesome with me and my ridiculous foot injury these last few days, I feel like with your strength and patience that we can rule the world.

10. I have one hundred percent trust in you and one hundred percent faith that you love me and that’s the best feeling I’ve ever had. We’re gonna be together for a million years.


Happy Birthday.


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