Things I Love Thursday!

I love my lomography action sampler camera! And…

The future, according to films, + a couple tv shows.

When celebrities were young. Hello Colbert! Also, Trebek is in his ’70s?

9 Things you might be doing that are making your life suck.

The NYC nomad.

An inside look at the fake barf industry.

World War II in photos.

Mario climbing a vine for ten hours.

Real life gnome shows off gnome collection.

Foodie face plates DIY – this looks so fun! 

Formal complaints at the office…so funny!

Mysteries of underground Paris. The fuck?

Tips on photographing kids.

These pictures of Hong Kong.

The final image.

How to make boxes from paint swatches.

Girls will be boys.

These photos by 16 year old Ann He.

 And last but not least…

 Zoe is giving these pendants away on her blog. And today’s the last day to enter

Here’s a link to her shop, I seriously can not choose a single thing I like more than the others.
What do you love this week? Leave me a link to something awesome. I want to get to know my readers better, so if you want to just leave me a link to your blog I promise I’ll come by and check it out! I feel like there’s a lot of lurkers out there who say nothing, so I’mma come by and lurk you back.

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