solve this mystery…

TRAGEDY! This was my favorite mug! 
When you take into account all the evidence, it’s fairly obvious what must have happened.
Exhibit A:
The awesomest mug on earth … DESTROYED.

Exhibit B:
 Dog leash. Concrete steps.

Exhibit C: 
 Guilty dog eyes.
 The whole picture.
Pretty obvious, isn’t it? 

Actually I was sitting there on the step and a wasp flew in my face and I dropped the mug. Shame on you for blaming a perfectly innocent dog! He actually protected me by nipping at the wasp as it flew by, thereby preventing me from being stung. And you have the audacity to accuse this poor little guy of such a terrible crime?

Nah, the truth is I was going to tell Ryan that Tank did it, but my concience would not allow it.

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