Lomo Action Sampler diptych: waving shadow and the prettiest broom

That last photo proves that sometimes you just have to go with your gut. I took pictures of rockstars and bulldogs on this roll of film, and then I saw the broom and thought “That’ll be nice.” I actually sat there debating on whether or not I should take a picture of a broom, wondering if it was “too stupid” a subject matter. Well, no. It’s not stupid. It’s beautiful. Follow your instincts, kids.


Hey, also, my friend Roberto just started a blog. Roberto is my number one favorite German ever; he’s the guy who tattooed a big ol’ bookworm on me a few years ago and last year a big bird and flowers thigh piece that says “Sei Freundlich” in a banner. He’s funny and awesome. Here’s what he says about visiting Victoria.


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