Late night pain blogging.

Well guys, I hurted my feet today. Like, actually kinda bad. And I have no idea what I did, which is the crazy thing. I’m pretty sure they’re both sprained; the google told me that’s what it probably is. Nothing like a self-diagnosis, right?

It was so weird, I was just walking to work and all of a sudden, hey, my foot kinda hurt. And then…oh my gosh it hurt quite a bit. But I was like half way to the bus stop and thought I could walk it off. By the time I got to work I was limping. It hurt bad! And then? The other one started hurting.

It feels like, pretty much take your ankle, sprain it, and then take that feeling and put it into the middle of your feet, but not at the arches where it would seem to make sense. It’s on the other side, like, inside. And I’m not a foot-pain baby either.

Right now I’m walking like I’m wearing ice skates on land. It’s a real slow balancing act to not make me shout out “AAAH FUUUCK”. So I guess I’m going to have to miss hanging out with Mikel and having fun at a busy day at work tomorrow. I told those clients I’d see them Friday. Now I’m not gonna see them at all!

My best boss on earth gave me nice, sitting down type jobs to do at work and at the end of the day he drove me all the way home. Which is like, 45 minutes out of his way. Everybody, Gerry Effing Kramer is awesome. 

When I got home I grandma-walked into the house, pulled off my shoes and couldn’t believe my eyes. The tops of my feet are bruised as hell. You can’t really see it in these pictures because of the awesome tan lines and the sick tats and the too-much lighting, but believe me, it’s all like WHOA when you notice it in real life.

From what I can tell it’s a really mild sprain, because I can still walk-ish and they don’t hurt when I’m sitting down, and they’re not too swollen, so that’s awesome anyway. I’m going to hit up the awful doctor’s clinic tomorrow morning and see what they say, but I really don’t know how I’m going to get there because I can’t fucking walk. I even crawled down the hallway to get to bed this evening.

Right now it’s nearly midnight. I can’t sleep. I’m sitting here feeling so very sorry for myself and my pathetic crying was keeping Ryan up, haha. It’s just so weird for me. I don’t normally hurt myself or miss work for being sick or anything, and if I do, it’s because I am all drugged up on cold medicine and sleeping all day. This is different, it’s really frustrating! Grr! Hey, at least Louis CK is on Conan tonight, that’s two of my favorite hilarious gingers in one show!


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