Too chilly for swimming…

…but what else is new? We’re not really getting much summer here on Vancouver Island. There’s a lot of windy grey days, sprinkled with rain. I can count the amount of what I would consider SUMMER-summer days on one hand. But to be honest, I don’t mind. I can’t function when the sun’s beating down on my pale limbs and giving me heat stroke all over the place anyway. So anyway, here’s some pictures of us at a manmade “lake” I would never ever swim in.

Mostly because of this…
Ew, right? I am like 85% sure it’s just for runoff from the road, but still…no. So we just stood on the edge of the water and watched the waves. “Waves in a lake?” you ask? Um yes. It was that windy.

This is also where I saw the bitch triangle.

p.s. Did you notice there’s actually pictures of me in there? I’m always the one behind the camera but that day I handed it to Ryan, telling him “Hey, take some pictures of me!” I’m going to try and do that more often .


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