I found a stack of photographs.

Here are some pictures of this one time, in Kingston Ontario, when I knew a girl who graduated from a military academy. I love the grainy shitty quality of the photos. I did pretty well with the disposable camera I had, I think. She’s the redhead who you can barely make out in most of these. Also? Check out the real leopard pelt that one guy in the marching band is wearing. What the hell is up with that?

(We don’t have leopards in Canada, in case you don’t know…)

I love these next two, this was at the end of the ceremony. They all had to pass under this special arch and then throw their hats up in the air. It was really an exciting moment for everybody. 

We also somehow managed to convince some of the guys to let us take pictures of their bayonets
and pose for us…hahaha
And…here’s how I looked in 2004 or whenever this was…I believe I was being silly for the camera because I can’t really play the banjo, but that actually was a hoodie I used to wear. Over time it got covered with more patches. It was my way of cutting down the amount of shirts I had, I’d just cut off the parts I liked and stick them on that sweater.Oh! And the glasses were from a flea market in Kingston, they are from the ’60s. I still have them.
I actually found quite a few ‘me with questionable taste and brand new bleach blond dreadlocks’ photos in that pile. I’ll share more at a later date. 🙂

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