Crack Crack, Crackity Jones! Woop woop!

Ryan and I saw The Pixies last night! And it was exactly what I expected: AAAAAMAZING. Not only was it The Pixies, which would have been enough on its own, but they sounded really damn good too. (I’m trying to resist putting “for their age” here, but come on, we’re all thinking it…voices change. Energy levels change.) It’s always a gamble seeing your favorite band from fifteen years ago.

And whoever put together their visual effects and light show are geniuses. Before they even came on the stage they built up the suspense by playing creepy music and showing clips from Un Chien Andalou (including that horrible horrible first scene with the eyeball! NOOOO!). Here’s a quick video someone took in Detroit a couple weeks ago, it shows my favorite two songs of the show, it was the highest energy moment for sure. And those dolls during Crackity Jones? (1:45-end of video) Nightmares.

If you get a chance to see these fellas and lady play, take it. 
That is all.
p.s. Guess who sings La-La Love You. The drummer! I’ve always wondered.

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