Please take note:

I’ve found a few pictures of my tattoos that were taken either from my post about who I get tattooed by or my interview with Danielle from Sometimes Sweet on Pinterest recently.
I know that you guys mean well by sharing pretty pictures, but please please ask me before you use my photos. And don’t put them on sites like that, (weheartit, tumblr, etc.) they’ll just get stolen and someone else will take credit. Read this thing Valarie Vargas posted from the Smith Street Blog about tattoo photos on the internet. JUST READ IT. I can think of a few specific sites that do this all the time.
I know that I have a tumblr account of my own, and I upload pictures to it every once in a while, but it’s my choice as to where my photos go. I keep the best stuff here or not on the internet at all.
Anyway I don’t want to rant, but please please …

tell me something

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