We’re off to see the wizard of … nevermind.

We have a busy weekend up ahead.

Ryan’s oldest boy is turning twelve, and to celebrate we are taking him on a trip somewhere awesome for a few days. Since I hate stalkers ruining my good time in a new city I’ll tell you where we went once we’re back. Hint: it involves the kid going to a concert and us staying in a really cool hostel. I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it!

For now though, here’s a few more photos I took with my grandma camera: the Canon AE-1.

Punk rock* bathroom graffiti!
(As always, if you click the picture you can see a larger version.) 
(Oh, and these are just photos of the photos, so there may be a bit of a glare on them.)

I’m still working on the manual focusing of the camera, so I know these are weird and blurry in the wrong places. I think they’re charming, especially when I’m holding the photos in my hands.
*bathroom graffiti may or may not actually be “punk rock”

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