The other day I brought a bunch of film in to get prints made…including the ghost camera!

Images from here and here
Yeah, that’s right. It puts ghosts into your photos. 
I didn’t know what to expect, so I forced myself to expect
the worst. You know, like, little crappy light orbs that people
say are ‘spirits’ in their photos when it’s obviously
a raindrop or something on the lens. 

Actually, it put scary cool ghosts and … jack’o’lanterns and skeletons in my pictures.
Most of them didn’t turn out very well, as with these kinds of things 
there’s always a learning curve, but a few turned out hilarious and amazing. 
Here are a few of the best ones!
There’s one other picture that is totally funny and great, but I’m 
not going to put it up here because it’s going to be a gift. 
I have another one of these cameras ready to go. 
Now that I know how they work, I can’t wait to try it again!

Round Two! 
*ding ding*


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