what was under the floor…

We tore up tile after tile by hand with a big heavy scraper thingy at the shop. And by ‘we’ I mean ‘everybody else’ because … yeah that thing was heavy. I did try it once and thought I was excellent at it until I later found out I somehow found the only part of the floor that had hardly any glue holding the tiles on.

Most of the floor underneath was regular old cement with regular old insanely sticky black glue stuck all over it. But then we discovered … this:

(The boss, working hard)

(Chris, probably working hard)

(Me, taking pictures of myself at work)

Too bad we had to cover it up. Maybe? Or too bad it didn’t cover the entire floor. We couldn’t leave it like this, that’s for sure.

Now the floor is almost finished, finally; it’s painted black and it’s all like, classy and junk. We’re closing the shop down for two days (Sunday the 30th and Monday the 31st) to make it ultra awesome.

And that, my friends, is what we found under the tiles.

The end.

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