yes, it’s a post about the weather.

Of course, the day we planned on driving on the highway for like four hours is the same day the biggest snowstorm of the year happened. We forged ahead at 7:45am, weather be damned.

(I thought the guy who put the bicycle on the bus was being rather optimistic)
See how fast we were going?

And then we had to slow down even more, which may not seem humanly possible…we went 2 km/h. Yeah it was that slippery.

The crazy thing is it cleared up so much that Ryan’s kids couldn’t even grasp the magnitude of the insanity of the drive we just did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SHOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! WE RISKED OUR LIVES.

In fact is was too sunny to take a proper photo of the outside by the time we returned.

This is the same road like three hours later.

SO SUNNY!!!!!!


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