Don’t you dare!

Yesterday while walking home, I came across some city workers. They were picking up trash from the side of the road with those grabby wand things.

I’ve been making an effort to try and smile at people. To not be afraid of human encounters.

So I did. I held my head high and smiled at both of them.

The first man looked away, pretending he didn’t see me. The second man lifted his grabby stick into the air in what I thought was a sort of wave.

Then he said:

“I’ll pinch your bum”

I went into freeze mode. You know, where you know somebody just did something wrong but you can’t think of anything to say or do?

After too long of a pause I managed a “Don’t you dare.”


Screw smiling at strangers. More often than not I get sexually harrassed when I try.
I’m going back to weird angry hermit.


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