Brothers and Sisters on Halloween

My sister’s facebook status today says “just got back from trick or treating with my brothers and sister, luke is the scream ghost wearing open toed sandals, jaden is a pizza delivery boy/opera singer, tyson is “the guy who goes to church and kills people” (??), and kenya is a black hannah montana with a receeding blonde hairline. hahahahah they are the best”

Kids are so weird.

Tonight is Halloween, my favorite holiday. I love dressing up and candy and scary things like haunted houses. Nothing worked out how I wanted it to and I decided just to stay in tonight.

I wore a skeleton costume to work and ended up loaning it to a guy who is like a foot taller than me…I hope somebody takes photos of him wearing it.

Anyway here I am, at home alone on a Saturday night Halloween that is also daylight savings time which should mean WOOO EXTRA HOUR TO PARTY but feels like “meh”.

I handed out some candy. The weirdo neighbor kid who I don’t like said “that’s it?” and I said “YES THAT’S IT. NOW GET LOST” to him. It felt great.

That was the highlight of my night.
I’m kind of sad about it.

Well, I guess I should do some homework.


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