yesterday – banana and tea drama

I’m at the school cafeteria, buying some tea and a banana.
The guy in front of me in line is getting a lecture about if he just brought his own tea bag and mug he could be saving “up to $2.25!” from the cashier.
I prepare myself for a lecture on my tea as well.

Me: Hello!

Cashier: Hi…wait a minute, that’s not one of our bananas.

Me: Uh, yes it is.

Cashier: No, I don’t recognize it.

Me: You know what every banana looks like?

Cashier: Yes. (completely serious)

Me: Really?

Cashier: Yes.

Me: Well I got it from…really?

Cashier: Yes.

Me: I don’t know what to tell you, I got it from that bowl.

Cashier: Okay then, if you say so, that’ll be $2.75.


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