my life these days…kinda boring

Oh, it’s been forever since I’ve written anything in this blog, hasn’t it?
Let me get you all up to speed then.

Uh…I’ve been in full time classes for almost a month already, and have completed four assignments, two exams, and written four papers. All in Spanish. I’ve also read short stories, plays, and historical documents. I’ve watched three Mexican films from the 1950s and earlier and sat through hours and hours of power point presentations and discussions on literature. I’ve tried to participate in discussions even though the readings and discussion questions are sometimes over my head.
Reading in a language you are just learning is tough. I’m so used to skimming and understanding. I haven’t had to stop and sound out words since I was like seven years old.

I have also been going to work saturday and sunday and sometimes early in the morning, and the days i can’t work are because i have class early in the morning. The great thing about this is on weekdays there is a bus that goes practically directly from my house to downtown at 7:50 in the morning. Me and my 7:50 gang meet up five days a week. There’s annoying long ponytail lady, there’s fancy business man, there’s the milf*, there’s the guy who looks like he should be going to university who has similar glasses to mine, and there’s the friendly lady who always smokes. sometimes there’s a mom and a little girl with a really short haircut and glasses who already looks like a dork and will need braces and i feel bad for the little girl because SHE’S ME when i was a kid.

i’m starting to have those “how did i get here?” moments. i mean, i literally don’t remember taking the bus and walking to work or whatever. i guess because i do it so often and it’s always the same route.

it’s funny because i’m enjoying life a lot right now and also hating it.

i don’t like:
-having a schedule
-having to read so much in spanish
-not having guilt-free free-time
-having to do a group project
-boring classes
-tuesdays, because i leave the house at 7:30 for my 9:30 class, and get home around 8:00. and the last class of the day is four hours long!
-feeling like i’m too old to be a student sometimes

i like:
-small attainable goals that school gives me
-my job is still fun
-fun classes
-watching mexican movies
-speaking and listening to spanish all day
-feeling like i am actually learning something kind of useful (no thanks to the seven or so years i put into linguistics)
-running into people i haven’t seen since xalapa
-being a student

so i mean the pros and the cons are kind of equally matched. i think the worst thing for me is having so much of my time planned, and having to “hurry and wait”, like my mom always says about going to the airport.
i have to rush to catch the bus, then sit on it forever. then rush to catch the next bus. then sit on it. then rush to class but…oh! i’m 20 minutes early. so i stand around. then go to class. then i have an hour to kill. then class. then wait for the bus. then sit on the bus. then hurry to get to the next bus!

and that, in a nutshell, is my life…

well, i skipped class on my birthday and hung out with ryan…it was just what i needed!


*but change the i to a YOU because i wouldn’t. if you know what i mean.


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