a joke

the neighbor’s kid told me a joke yesterday and he totally got me! it goes like this:



a little boy lives in a house with only three rooms. he goes into the first room where his mom is doing the dishes.

“you’re doing that wrong”, he tells her

“no i’m not” says the mom

“yes you are” says the boy

and the mom slaps him in the face and says “don’t correct me!”

the boy leaves and goes into the second room. his dad is in the second room ironing his pants.

“you aren’t ironing those right”, says the boy

“yes i am” says the dad

“no you’re not” says the boy

and the dad slaps the boy in the face, saying “don’t correct me!”

and then the boy goes into the second room…

victim (aka me, in this case):

uh, don’t you mean the third room?


(slaps victim in the face) “DON’T CORRECT ME!”


yeah. the kid totally slapped me in the face. but it was funny.


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