just some whining.

i really have to get a grip on my new schedule. or somehow magically turn into super magic energy girl, because at the end of every day this week i’ve practically fallen through the front door of our house, grouchy and “sooooooo tired”.

i haven’t done laundry in a week, and little things like charging my camera battery or going to the bank feel like treks through the andes to me. it’s not like i’m sleeping less or getting more exercise or anything. i guess it’s just the stress of starting new (all spanish) classes, plus taking the bus SO MUCH and having a weird new work schedule that the boss and i can’t seem to get straight and so i keep showing up at the wrong time or when they don’t even need me…

but mostly it’s the bus

the bus is like a big fat killer of dreams.

okay that might be a bit dramatic, but it really does steal my soul a little bit every day.

at least i don’t have to pay $74 for a month of the bus while i’m in school. does that seem high to anybody else?

ahhh at least a fine cuppppa coffee will make this morning bright. and i thought i heard a rumor that one of the guys from work was driving his truck by my house this morning……mayhaps i can glean a ride?

i dreamed that i kept overflowing the bathtub and all my family and friends were sleeping at the breakfast table until i turned on the lights, and i felt like it had some kind of significance but when i opened my eyes it all dissolved into bits and pieces that are not coherent anymore.
i read somewhere that one theory about dreams is that your brain has all these pictures inside from various thoughts and things that happened throughout the day or whatever, and it tries to make up a story that connects the images, and that is what a dream is. that’s why sometimes you can be flying in an airplane that is also somehow a fancy restaurant and suddenly you’re wearing a bear costume.

i think that makes sense.


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